List of configuration entries

The configuration of a daiquiri instance can be accessed in two ways. Before setup every config entry can be overwritten in the config part of the $options in the init.php file. On a running system the configuration can be accessed by admins under the URL path /core/config. On this page the different configuration keys are explained in aphabetical order. Here # denotes a number incrementing from 0, resulting in an array for associated entries.

Key Description / Default Value
auth.activation Switch to enable/disable activating the newly registrered users manually.
auth.changeEmail Switch to enable/disable user to change their email address.
auth.confirmation Switch to enable/disable a confirmation by a manager/admin for newly registered users.
auth.lowerCaseUsernames Switch to disable/enable forcing usernames to lower case letters.
auth.notification.changePassword Enable mail notification in case a user changes his/her password.
auth.notification.mail.# Recipient mail addresses for auth.notification.changePassword and auth.notification.updateUser
auth.notification.updateUser Enable mail notification in case a user changes his/her user credentials.
auth.password.default.algo Used algorithm to hash passwords. Possible are CryptSha512, MD5, SHA1, and no hashing, i.e. plain text.
auth.password.default.salt Additional static salt for the hashing of passwords. Used only for are MD5, and SHA1.
auth.password.TYPE.algo Additional algorithm to store password hashes.
auth.password.TYPE.salt Salt for additional password algorithm.
auth.passwordMinLength Minimal length for passwords.
auth.registration Switch to enable/disable the user registration process.
auth.timeout Timeout for the Authentication Session
auth.tokenLifetime Timeout for the authentification token used with SAMP
auth.usernameMinLength Minimal length for usernames.
core.captcha.dir Directory where the captcha images are generated in.
core.captcha.fontpath Path to the font that the captcha should use.
URL path to the captcha images (the URL under which core.captcha.dir can be accessed). 
core.cms.enabled Enable the content management functionality.
core.cms.navPath Path where the navigation menus of the CMS are stored in XML format.
core.cms.path Path where the CMS application (i.e. WordPress) is located on the server.
core.cms.type Type of the content management system. For now, only WordPress is supported.
core.cms.url URL of the CMS root.
core.libs.paqu Path to the paqu library. Included in the Daiquiri git repository.
core.libs.phpSqlParser Path to the phpSqlParser library. Included in the Daiquiri git repository.
core.libs.PHPZip Path to the PHPZip library. Included in the Daiquiri git repository.
core.log.enabled Switch for logging mechanism.
core.log.logfile Path to the logfile.
core.log.loglevel Desired log level.
core.minify.enabled Switch for the minify library, which minifies the js and css files.
core.minify.method Program stack to use for minification.
core.system.mysql.socket Path to socket of the MySQL server.
data.files.static.# Directories which store hosted static files should be served through the query interface.
data.viewer.columnWidth Default width for columns in the table viewer.
data.writeToDB Enable write access to science databases to store metadata in the column comments.
meetings.autoAccept Switch to set registered participants automatically to `accepted`.
meetings.validation Switch to enable/disable validation mail process for participant regstration. Path of the adapter script. The path to the mysqldump binary userd by the adapter script.
depends on FORMAT Switch to enable/disable compression of the download.
none Human readable description of the download format.
depends on FORMAT Human readable name of the download format.
depends on FORMAT The suffix the resulting file should have.
depends on FORMAT Default download adapter.
csv Enabled download adapters.
csv, mysql Directory for download files on the server.
/srv/download Specifies the host the gearman daemon is running on. Specifies the path to the GearmanManager.
.../library/GearmanManager/pecl-manager.php Specifies the number of parallel files that can be generated by gearman. Specifies the pid file generated by GearmanManager.
/srv/download/ Specifies the port the gearman daemon is running on.
4730 Specifies the path where the worker scripts are stored.
.../modules/query/scripts/download/worker Query type. Available are 'simple' and 'gearman'.
query.forms.FORM.default Set as default (first) form.
depends on FORM 
query.forms.FORM.title Title shown in the interface.
depends on FORM Help text shown in the interface.
depends on FORM 
query.forms.FORM.class Zend_Form class used for the form.
depends on FORM 
query.guest Switch to enable/disable guest access to the query interface.
query.images.enabled Switch to enable/disable image viewer functionality.
query.plot.enabled Switch to enable/disable plotting functionality.
query.polling.enabled Switch to enable/disable polling of the current job status.
query.polling.timeout Intervall of the polling of the job status in ms.
query.processor.mail.admin.# Mail addresses of the daiquiri developer.
query.processor.mail.enabled Switch to enable/disable bug report mails to the daiquiri developers from within the query interface.
query.processor.plan Plan type (depending on the query processors abilities).
query.processor.type Processor type (direct or paqu).
query.quota.ROLE Quota for the different ROLEs.
depends on ROLE 
query.queue.type Query mechanism to be used with the query interface (direct or qqueue).
query.queue.qqueue.defaultUsrGrp Default group for query queue.
query.queue.qqueue.defaultQueue Default queue for query queue.
short Switch to enable/disable selecting rows and columns in the result table for download.
query.resultTable.placeholder CREATE TABLE placeholder for multiline queries.
query.samp.enabled Switch to enable/disable SAMP functionality.
query.userDb.prefix Prefix for the user databases.
derived from db name given in user adapter 
query.userDb.postfix Postfix for the user databases.
derived from db name given in user adapter 
query.userDb.engine Database engine that is used for all the user databases.
query.validate.function Function for server side validation.
query.validate.serverSide Switch to enable/disable server side validation (UDF 'paqu_validateSQL' needed).