Software requirements

In order to setup and run Daiquiri and an associated application, you need to meet several software requirements. Daiquiri is highly modular and depending on what you are using, you need to meet different dependencies. For many features (such as Query validation, Query queueing, Download file generation) multiple methods exists. The design of Daiquiri is such, that for each of these functionalities there is a fancy version where the listed dependencies apply, and a simple basic version with very little dependencies.

Minimal software requirements

For the core functionality of daiquiri you need the following software installed:

Software requirements for extended features

For the extended functionality you need the following software installed:

For server-side query validation

For the query queue

For download of the query results in the IVOA VOTable format

For asynchroneous generation of the query result download files using gearman worker

For the intergration with WordPress

Other software

We would also like to make you aware of other software products which are not necessary for daiquiri, but were developed in the same context.