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3D motion of the Sun with RAVE DR5 and Gaia TGAS

3D motion of the Sun with RAVE DR5 and Gaia TGAS

This picture shows the proper motions from Gaia Data Release 1, TGAS-catalogue, as arrows, overplotted with the RAVE stars colored by heliocentric radial velocity from RAVE Data Release 5.
It clearly shows that the sun is moving with respect to the Milky stars. Different versions of this picture as well as an animated version are available below.

Credits: Maarten Breddels, Kristin Riebe; RAVE team (Kunder et al. 2016)

Visualisation tool: vaex by Maarten Breddels
Data: Gaia GDR1, full catalogue (stellar densities), TGAS (proper motions), and RAVE DR5 (heliocentric radial velocities)
All data is publicly available, e.g. at and

Download – Movie:

Download – Images:

The following versions show the stellar density, proper motions (TGAS) and RAVE stars (RAVE DR5) in equatorial coordinates.

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