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Flight around Kepler2 targets

Flight around the 3D distribution of ~ 22,000 target stars for the Kepler2 mission. Each color corresponds to one K2 campaign, see NASA K2 webpage for more information and K2 fields for details on the observation campaigns. Stars from the original Kepler field are also shown, marked as grey points.
Campaign 9 is not included, since it points directly to the galactic center and no target stars were pre-selected.

The coordinate system shows galactic coordinates centered on the sun’s position in the Milky Way (yellow ball). The direction to the galactic center (longitude = 0 degrees) is marked by the bright orange line.

Credits: Kristin Riebe, Sanjib Sharma, Dennis Stello, K2 mission
Milky Way panorama (side view): A. Mellinger, Central Michigan University
Milky Way illustration (top view): R. Hurt (SSC), NASA/JPL-Caltech

Snapshot images:

Movie duration: 38 seconds


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