Supercomputing and E-Science Visualisation


Orion nebula with MUSE

The MUSE spectrograph produces data cubes, consisting of image slices at different wave lengths. A number of such slices (fitted to characteristic emission lines) is shown in this movie. In the second part of the movie, only those slices are shown which make up the composite images (RGB) in the front. The wavelengths are given in nm.

Credits: Kristin Riebe, Peter Weilbacher, MUSE collaboration

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RAVE 3d flight

This movie shows ~ 400,000 stars from RAVE DR5 (see below for the new RAVE DR5 versions!!). Colors encode the heliocentric radial velocity of each star, from red for > 50 km/s over orange, yellow and cyan to blue for < -50 km/s.

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Fly by movie

Fly by movie showing the distribution of RAVE stars compared to the Milky Way disk.

Distances by Breddels et al 2009. Movie by Gal Matijevic.


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