The old machine at the MCC died 2 days ago, but Arman put up a new machine, with Windows Server 2008 and got the system running with this. So here's what to do to show some movies: * Switch on the computer * Switch on the beamers using the remote control * Press Alt+Ctrl+Delete to login, currently use Administrator account with password "" * Start the software (3. icon from the top on desktop) * If previously the session was ended with the option "Reopen with current session" (or similar), then the movies should play immediately. * If not, just click File->Open and open one of the files in 3D folder (on desktop) * Click on full screen view icon (lower right), move the mouse pointer out of the screen (then the title etc. will fade away after a a few seconds) and enjoy! * If something is not as expected, make sure that the options are set to - stereoscopic - dual (side-by-side) - cross-eye * Left/right eye can be switched using the icon at the top left or via the menu.