PMViewer has built-in support for displaying and rendering stereo side-by-side images which can be viewed in 3D e.g. on modern polarisation TV screens (see for how to do this). You just need to know about the 'magic' option: -ss. Adding this option when starting PMViewer will render any frame as a side-by-side image.


vglrun ~/PMViewer/src/spmviewer -ss pm.ini

This will start pmviewer using GPU (vglrun) with the stereo-flag (-ss), using the provided ini-file.

As a reminder: you can start rotating your data distribution with the R key. switch to dynamic camera view (camera animation) with F5 and write just one frame with the S key or press the W key for continuous writing of frames (for animations). For more information on PMViewer itself, see PMViewer Sourceforge.