Some of our materials are produced for 3D setups, usually by providing a movie file with two separate views: one for the left and the other for the right eye.You'll get the best 3D experience if you have a polarisation 3D TV (or projector) available. Then all you need is a connection from your computer/laptop to the 3D TV (e.g. via HDMI-cable), polarisation glasses and a movie player that allows you to fix the aspect ratio and play full screen. We recommend using VLC player or Bino for a Mac/Linux distribution or the NVIDIA stereo player for Windows.

If there is no polarisation 3D TV at hand, but you have anaglyph glasses (e.g. green-magenta or red-cyan) available, then you can use a normal screen and a 3D player like Bino, which can convert the side-by-side-movie to anaglyph movies. We provide some movies already pre-converted. If the 3D effect does not look right to you, increase the distance between you and the screen. If front/back objects seem to be mixed up, try to switch left and right eye (with the movie player or by just swapping your glasses). In any case, the 3D effect is usually much more enjoyable with the polarisation technique.

  • VLC player: Start the VLC player and open the movie file. Go to Video -> Aspect ratio, enter the single-image aspect ratio. Usually this will be 16:9 for our most recent movies. Defining this ratio is important to get the correct scale when now switching to View -> Full Screen. You can also do it all at once from the command line (replace <moviefile> with your file name):

        vlc -vvv <moviefile> --full-screen --aspect-ratio=16:9 --loop

    Please note that the VLC player won't allow to play two separate movie files, you always need one side-by-side-movie.

    In case you have red-cyan anaglyph glasses at hand, you can watch the 3D movie also on a normal screen: In VLC player, select Tools -> Effects and Filters, then choose the tab Video Effects and Advanced or Miscellaneous. Now check Anaglyph 3D and adjust the aspect ratio again to make it look right. If you have differently colored glasses, check the available options e.g. at the VLC-Anaglyph documentation page.

  • Bino: Start Bino and open the movie file. Adjust the input and output layout; for our left-right-movies this means:

    • Input: Left/right,
    • Output: Left/right, half width for polarisation 3D TVs

Bino gives many more output choices. If you have no 3D screen available but anaglyph glasses (e.g. magenta-green) then choose the corresponding output with full color, half, monochrome or Dubois method.